• Every child has a dream learn to swim...

    For that we created LESWIM - electrick kickboard , that can provide both buoyancy and propulsion. LESWIM helps swimmers of all skill levels to glide through water.

    Especially it can help beginners to overcome fear and build confidence. Make learning to swim fun and easy with LESWIM.

    About LESWIM

    • Intuitive Control
    • Propeller Fence
    • Compatible with GoPro
    • Child Safety Lock
    • Easy to Swap Battery
    • Magnetic Panel

    Technical Specifications

    •   Weight
      2,6 kg
    •   Depth
      3 m
    •   Speed
      1 m/s or 3,6 km/h
    •   Dimension (mm)
      455 x 369 x 161
    •   Power
      250 W
    •   Duration
      30 - 60 min
    •   Battery Type
      Lithium (išimama)
    •   Battery Capacity
      6000 mAh
    •   Charging time and Voltage
      2,5h; 14,4 V


    We were some of a few who had an honor to try LESWIM first. The advantages of LESWIM were first tested by my 5 year old son. It was his third swimming lesson. With LESWIM he felt much more bolder in the water. He relaxed, stretched out, felt what it means when the water "holds" you. I think LESWIM is a great helper for those who want's learn to swim.

    Mat's (5 years) mother.

    We've tried LESWIM by the lake. The fountain that can be made in the water with LESWIM was a real discovery and an endless joy for children. It is truly an indispensable water toy for kids to have fun time by the water.

    Juste's (8 years) father.

    LESWIM is a great gift for kids. It is lightweight. It is portable so you can take by the water on a hot summer day. And even going on holidays by plane you can take LESWIM with you. I find it interesting, fun and I dare to say - safe entertainment not only for children but also for parents.

    Sima's (12 yers) mother.


    Where can I find it ?

    • TOPO CENTRAS Ukmergės g. 240, Vilnius
    • ELEKTROMARKT, PC Panorama Saltoniškių g. 9, Vilnius
    • ELEKTROMARKT, PC Nordica Vikingų g. 3, Vilnius
    • EUROATLETAS Laisvės pr. 82, Vilnius
    • TOPO CENTRAS Savanorių pr. 206A, Kaunas
    • EUROATLETAS Birželio 23-iosios g. 27A, Kaunas
    • TOPO CENTRAS Taikos pr. 64, Klaipėda
    • Druskininkai Recreation and Health Center AQUA Vilniaus al. 13-1, Druskininkai
    • TOPO CENTRAS Druskininkų g. 22, Druksininkai
    • PALANGOS BASEINAS Kretingos g. 23, Palanga
    • TOPO CENTRAS, PC Rimi Žemaitijos g. 38, Mažeikiai
    • TOPO CENTRAS, PC Babilonas Klaipėdos g.143a, Panevėžys
    • TOPO CENTRAS Zaltakalnio g. 20a, Plungė
    • TOPO CENTRAS Vilniaus g. 126, Raseiniai
    • TOPO CENTRAS Respublikos g. 106, Rokiškis
    • TOPO CENTRAS, PC Akropolis Aido g. 8, Šiauliai
    • TOPO CENTRAS Aušros g. 21/A.Baranausko g. 44, Utena
    • LAIVU CENTRS Krasta iela 7, Riga
    • Līvu Akvaparks Viestura iela 24, Jūrmala
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